Audio Services

In addition to my video capabilities, I also have some vintage professional audio equipment.

As reel to reel tape recorders disappear, the legacy of analog tape recording remains the countless amount of feet of magnetic tape.

I have a variety of Ampex reel to reel recorders....An AG-440C 1/4" full track and an AG-350 and AG- 440C 1/4" two track.  In addition, there's an eight track 1" AG-440C-8 as well as a 1/2" four track Ampex 440-C..

Also, an Otari 1/2" reel to reel 8 track,  Nakamichi cassette decks, a Tascam DA-40 DAT recorder and (gulp!) even an 8 track recorder are remember...the 8 tracks we all had in our '69 Plymouths?  Yep, you can have those vintage 8 track party tapes you made on your Soundesign "stereo" put on

I also have a variety of broadcast cart machines that I've been gathering up and will soon have up to speed.  Lot's of old radio folks have boxes of those carts stored away in the attic and nothing to play them on.  I can put them on cd and you can relive the good old days once again!  All you'll need to add will be the groupies....